Privacy Policy

This privacy policy covers only this website, not any NamelessMC websites hosted here.


This website uses cookies for sessions (for logging in) and for storing a CSRF token (for security). We do not use any tracking cookies.


We only store data you explicity provide us. For example, during sign-up you provide a username and email address. We do not store IP addresses right now but we may in the future if it is necessary to combat spam. We also (obviously) store all website data. The server is located in the Netherlands, protected by European data protection regulations. Our backups are encrypted client side. We will never share your data with third parties, we make money by selling hosting, not personal data.

Currently, there's no way to delete your account through the web interface. We do plan to add this functionality in the near future. When you delete files through SFTP or delete your entire website, your data may stick around for up to a year in our backups. You can request it to be deleted completely by contacting us.