How do you make money?

Named Hosting is funded by donations. We publish a full financial overview here.

Will you keep existing?

Named Hosting has been running for over 3 years and we have no plans to stop. This is a service to the Nameless community and does not have to make a profit.

How do I get support for my NamelessMC website?

Please use the Discord server or forums.

Is this hosting affiliated with NamelessMC?

Named Hosting is run by a Nameless contributor, frequently recommended by community members, however it is not officially partnered with the NamelessMC open source project.

How do I update my NamelessMC website?

The first step is to upgrade NamelessMC. To do that, follow the instructions on the StaffCP > Update page.

After upgrading your site, please change your site version in the Named Hosting dashboard. This ensures you are running the latest supported PHP server software for your Nameless version.

How do I use my website with CloudFlare?

Please see this wiki page.

How do I link my domain

Please see this wiki page.

Why does HTTPS disable again when I enable it?

Make sure your website works before enabling HTTPS. If you have www. enabled, you must still have a record at your root domain in addition to the one at the www. subdomain. If you are using CloudFlare, please follow the CloudFlare domain linking instructions.

Can I host a non-NamelessMC website?

No. We may tolerate it if your website doesn't affect our platform negatively (so we don't notice), but it is not allowed.